Our standards and solutions

GS1 Standards provide a common basis for companies that allow for products, locations, assets, transactions, etc. to be uniquely  shared, captured and shared.



Identify with a globally unique number



Encode these identification numbers (with additional information) in a data carrier so that this information can be transferred automatically



Exchange the related information between trading partners  



Below you will find an overview of the various standards that GS1 supports and the solutions and applications that are offered based on these standards. 

GS1 identification keys are unique identification numbers that can be used worldwide. These identification keys are generally used to identify the following things:


Data carriers

All GS1 identification keys can be converted to machine-readable data carriers so that the encoded information can be read automatically. For example, a barcode can be scanned at the checkout.

There are several types of barcodes and other data carriers in which the identification keys, and potentially additional information, can be encoded. 

The type of data carrier you use will depend on the type and amount of information you want to encode, the scanning environment, the material on which you need to print the data carrier and possibly the requirements of your business partner.

GS1 Databar
GS1 Datamatrix

Data exchange

GS1 offers various solutions for the standardised exchange of product data or to exchange commercial, logistical and financial messages (e.g. electronic invoicing). These solutions can be divided into different categories. Check the table below to see which solution you need for your category. 


Solutions and applications

GS1 offers various solutions and applications to make it easier for members to implement the GS1 standards. 

For example, you can use My Product Manager for the creation of GTINs and barcodes or manage your GLNs in My Locations Manager

Are you not sure which solution or application you need for your question? Then please contact our general helpdesk!


Our standards in your sector

FMCG & Foodservice

The GS1 standards are well established within the FMCG & Foodservice sector.
Almost all products are identified by a GTIN and converted into a GS1 barcode.
Other identification keys are also indispensable in this sector.
In addition, the solutions for exchanging master and transactional data are more often required.

DIY, Garden & Pet

Within the DIY, Garden and Pet sector, the GS1 Identification Keys are starting to play an increasingly important role.
Certainly the identification of products by means of a GTIN is increasingly expected and the use of solutions for the exchange of master data is increasing.


The health sector is constantly evolving and has to cope with more and more challenges. The industry is under pressure to fight counterfeiting. Hospitals are merging and specializing. Governments are taking new measures to better understand the reimbursement of medicines and to ensure effective traceability.

The GS1 standards can contribute to higher efficiency and also increase patient safety in order to protect the patient's 5 rights: “The right dose of the right medication to the right person at the right time and in the right way.”