How can I download product data from My Product Manager?

There are several ways to download the data in My Product Manager : 

  • Via the web environment
  • Via API (JSON format)
  • Via SFTP server (in XML format)

Depending on the sector in which you are active, the options differ. 

The options differ depending on the product data:

Download options/
Product information
Web environnement  API Download   SFTP Download  
Product ID-card *
FMCG & Foodservice B2C model (limited to nutritional information)*
FMCG & Foodservice (B2B +B2C data model)*
Do-it-Yourself, Garden & Pet*


*Available for companies that have My Product Manager Share subscription (see tariff)


Technical documentation

Data download via API (JSON format)

  • Via the WebAPI, a customer can decide which data he wants to receive (in JSON format):
    • Download all
    • Search on GTIN
    • Search for products from a specific data supplier (GLN)
    • Search for products which have changed since a certain moment.


Data download via SFTP server (in XML format)

→ This functionality exists only for consulting Product ID-cards and the FMCG & Foodservice data model.

  • Two possibilities are available:
    • Full Batch download: all data is downloaded at night and prepared on an SFTP server.
    • Incremental download: only the new or changed articles are prepared on the SFTP server
  • Technical documentation:

More about My Product Manager in your sector!

FMCG & Foodservice

FMCG & Foodservice


Do-it-Yourself, Garden & Pet