Data model for the DIY, Garden and Pet sector

Data model and explanations

Within the Benelux DIY, Garden and Pet sector, agreements have been drawn up concerning product data exchanged via the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). 

The table below gives an overview of the latest published data model and the data model currently in use.

Release timetable



Data model and explanations

Data model Release notes API - My Product Manager Validation overview Published on In production on
Datamodel 3.1.28 Release notes 3.1.28 API - Datamodel 3.1.28 Validation overview 3.1.28 10 June 2024 17 August 2024
Datamodel 3.1.27 Release notes 3.1.27 API - Datamodel 3.1.27 Validation overview 3.1.27 11 March 2024 Live

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Change requests

2024 release timetable

The Benelux DIY, Garden and Pet data model is updated regularly to include the latest sector news and change requests. That’s why 4 data model releases are published every year. A data model publication means that GS1 is releasing a new data model.

Releases 2024 Published on Live since
Release 1  18 December 2023 24 February 2024
Release 2  11 March 2024 18 May 2024
Release 3  10 June 2024 17 August 2024
Release 4  9 September 2024 16 November 2024

Here you can find a more detailed timetable showing the different sprints for 2024


Below you can view the publication backlog, together with release notes.