Languages in text fields

For both mandatory and optional text fields, data must be entered in the following languages (language codes in brackets)

Doelmarkt Verplichte talen
Netherlands Dutch (nl)
Belgium and Luxembourg Dutch (nl)
French (fr)

Previously it was necessary to provide data in English and German for target markets Belgium and Luxembourg. This is no longer necessary, unless your data recipient specifically requests it. 

The language code is now automatically entered in the XML text fields. This is often done automatically by the software you use to add and update product data. 

XML example

XML example of the use of the language code for the 'Full description' attribute: 

<tradeItemDescription languageCode=”en” >Flexa Creations Wallpaint Extra matte Havana 3550 medium yellow 0,75 litre</tradeItemDescription>

<tradeItemDescription languageCode=”nl”>Flexa Creations Muurverf Extra mat Havana 3550 midden geel 0,75 liter</tradeItemDescription>