How can my customers see my product sheets?

You let your customers see the sheets by publishing them in the ‘My publications’ tab.
Depending on your settings, you will either see only MPM targets or both MPM and GDSN targets. You can find out about the difference between the two types here.

Prepublication checklist

  • Have all the consumer units and outer packaging being created, the full hierarchy?
  • Is the information as your buyer will expect to see it?
  • Do they all have the status ‘Valid’?
  • Do any of them still have the status ‘Requires release’?

Everything okay? Check! Then you can get started! 

My sheet must be visible in GDSN for my data recipient (GDSN target)


Good to know

  • Always check this after you create a new sheet. 
  • Only publish the highest level, GDSN will automatically retrieve the underlying GTINs.
  • After 24 hours, check the GDSN feedback in the ‘My Products’ tab and take any action required.

How to publish?

National brand Private label
  • Find the GTIN for the highest level (out-of-the-box, display, pallet)
  • Click on the publication button
  • Does the sheet have to be visible for all buyers of GDSN (including non-customers)?
    • Yes. Set the publication setting to ‘Yes’.
      Please note! You can then receive GDSN feedback from non-customers. We experience that this often creates additional work, especially if you publish to Germany. 
    • No. Set the publication setting to ‘No’ and enter your customers’ GLNs that they sent to you.
  • Find the GTIN for the highest level (out-of-the-box, display, pallet)
  • Click on the publication button
  • Set the setting to ‘No’
  • Enter your customer’s GLN. 


These are the most commonly used GS1 GDSN data recipients and their GLN. Is your customer not listed?

  • Ask your data recipient for the GLN.
  • Find your data recipient in the GS1 Global Registry.
  • For the Benelux there is an overview of all recipients in the DIY, garden and pet sectors.
FMCG & Foodservice Do-it-yourself, garden and pet


  • Colruyt Group: 5400141000009
  • Delhaize: 5400110000009
  • Sligro België: 5415103000003


  • Brico/Maxeda: 5400107000005
  • Hubo België: 5400620000001
  • Lambert: 05413597000004
  • Meno: 5400395000008
  • Mr. Bricolage: 5415311000000

The Netherlands

  • Albert Heijn: 8710400000006
  • 8712423020597
  • Hanos: 8714406000008
  • Ijsvogel Retail: 8711621939113
  • Jumbo: 8717045000002
  • Metro C&C Nederland: 8711576000012
  • PS in Foodservice: 8712423027510
  • Sligro Nederland: 8710401000005
  • Superunie: 8710624900007

The Netherlands

  • Feeder One: 08716123000002
  • GRS Inkoop & Services: 08711621939113
  • IJsvogel Retail: 08719333005829
  • Intergamma: 08717263900603
  • Intratuin: 08720143739996
  • Quintens: 08719333039169
  • Welkoop: 08710137991110


  • Data quality gate (DQG) – 4057573000001
  • Edeka – 4311501990131

My sheet must be visible in MPM for my data recipient (MPM targets)

Good to know

  • Your default setting is ‘Public’ for all new items; in other words, visible to all MPM buyers. Set this to ‘No’ if you want to manage this individually for each publication. 
  • Publication works by GTIN, not by hierarchy. 
  • If you want a particular hierarchy to be different to the default setting, then that is possible and is also required for private labels, for example. 

How to publish?

National brand Private label

Is your public publication in ‘Default publication setting for new products’ set to 

  • Yes: No action required
  • No: Is your buyer listed in the right-hand column?
    • Yes: No action required
    • No: Go to the next tab, find the relevant GTINs and change the setting at GTIN level.
Find the relevant GTIN, set the setting to ‘No’ and only indicate your customer.