Packaging information

Sharing packaging information is more than ever a priority in the distribution sector, both in the food sector as in the do-it-yourself, garden and pet sector.

Thanks to the GS1 datapool and My Product Manager, suppliers can share packaging information with their data receivers. This information can be used:

  • to show the durability of the packaging;
  • to comply with the legal requirements.

Both a more durable use of raw materials as its recycling include the priorities of the market actors.

  • Companies want to show to their customers how durable the packaging of their products is;
  • The increasingly strict European legislation on packaging obliges retailers to provide better information about the composition of their packaging;
  • The packaging information needs to be declared to Fost Plus, Valorlux and Verpact.

What are the packaging attributes

You can already share packaging materials and quantities via My Product Manager with these attributes:

  • Packaging type (e.g. box, aerosol)
  • Packaging material code (e.g. metal, cardboard)
  • Amount of packaging material

The attributes for packaging information are available to specify on what type of raw material or recycled material the simple and/or composed packaging consists. A packaging is considered to be composite if it consists of at least 2 different materials that are joined together by a binder or glue.

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DIY, garden & pet sector          FMCG & Foodservice sector


List of attributes

Below you can find a list of all relevant attributes and code lists used for entering and sharing packaging information. However, each sector has its specific template (linked to the sectoral data model).

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Get started with packaging information

Use the steps here below to enter data for each packaging level.

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