Global Product Classification (GPC)

GPC: global product classification system 

The Global Product Classification (GPC) is a global classification system that enables suppliers and customers to group and classify products in a standardised and unambiguous way. GPC is flexible, easily adaptable and contains clear and unambiguous definitions. GPC is used in commercial, logistics and financial applications and is an integrated part of GS1 GDSN

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In certain sectors, the classification of the product based on the GPC code determines the following: 

  • the product information that has to be entered and exchanged 
  • and which validation rules apply 

A new version of the GPC is published twice a year. In addition, regular consultation takes place with specialists from all over the world concerning maintenance and expansions. The structure of the classification system is determined in consultation with users and appropriate responses are made to industry needs (for publication and search purposes).  

Would you like more information about product classification with GPC?  

Visit the GS1 Global website for more information on how GPC works, or consult the GS1 GPC Browser to determine the GPC code of your product.