GS1 DataBar

GS1 DataBar
Voorbeeld van een GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked

GS1 DataBar is the collective name for a family of 7 compact linear barcodes. 

On the Belgian/Luxembourgish market, use is mainly made of the GS1 DataBar Expanded (Stacked), in which additional information can be encoded in addition to the GTIN or GCN

This information is encoded using Application Identifiers.  
This type of barcode is mainly used for two applications: 

The minimum dimensions for a GS1 DataBar Expanded (Stacked) on a coupon are: 

  Height Width X-dimensions
DataBar Expanded 0,9 cm 6 cm 0,264 mm
DataBar Expanded Stacked 1,9 cm 4 cm 0,264 mm

You can find more information about the different types of GS1 DataBars in barcode guide or on the GS1 Global website