How do I know which data to enter in my product sheet?

A product sheet not only needs to be complete, it also needs to be entered as accurately as possible. To help with this, we have 2 tools:

  1. Logical validation rules
  2. Data model

Logical validation rules

The logical validation rules specify which fields need to be entered. These fields are automatically displayed by clicking ‘Validate & Release’.

This is both at the level of the product itself and at the level of the product hierarchy. Double-clicking the message will immediately take you to the right field.


You can consult the sector data model to find out how to enter a particular field.

Consult the data model

Want to take things another step further? You can use your audit reports (currently for FMCG food only) to enhance the substance part of your product sheet with practical examples from your range.

Warnings vs. errors: what is the difference?

Error messages are shown in My Product Manager because the data you have entered do not match the logical confirmations of the current sector data model. There are two kinds of error messages:

  • Warnings: these are non-blocking, but they do warn you that your data do not match the current data model. You can ignore these but we would advise you to resolve these warnings.
  • Errors: these are blocking. You will not be able to confirm your product sheet or publish it for your customers. In other words, they will not be able to see your data.