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As a manufacturer, retailer or logistics service provider, you need to know exactly where your goods shipments are at all times, where they have come from and when and where they are supposed to be delivered.

GS1 is working to provide completely accurate real-time visibility throughout the supply chain, from source to consumer, regardless of the transport method.


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Identification within transport and logistics

Everything about the identification keys that can be used worldwide

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Projects within transport and logistics

All about GS1 Belgilux's innovative projects such as FENIX, PILL or e-CMR

Guidelines automated distribution center

Together with national and international suppliers and retailers, GS1 established a manual for delivery of loaded pallets to an automated distribution center in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and France.

Download this manual here

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Call for participation

GS1 Belgilux wants to launch pilot(s) with interested members, in order to provide input for a future global e-CMR standard.

Interested? Please contact!