How do I create a hierarchy?

We use hierarchies in GDSN to show the links between a product’s different logistical levels.

So that retailers have a full overview from basic unit through to pallet, you create a product sheet for each level. Linking them together gives you the hierarchy.

Outer packaging
Basic unit

Create a separate product sheet for every GTIN in your hierarchy. In product sheets, you refer from top to bottom; to the next underlying level. 

Step 1

Open the product sheet for an overlying unit, such as your pallet.


Step 2

Go to the ‘Hierarchy’ tab and enter the underlying unit – such as the outer packaging – and the quantity. Always move down one step at a time.

Onderliggende hiërarchie aanduiden

Step 3

Repeat the same steps in your outer packaging, to refer to your basic unit.

Outer packaging

Step 4

Once you validate and release, your hierarchy will look like this:
In this example, there are 6 basic units in 1 outer packaging, and 160 outer packagings on each pallet

Hiërarchie met 3 niveau's

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