Calculate the check digit

Calculate one check digit?

The last digit of a GS1 identification key is a check digit that verifies if the barcode is composed correctly.

Use the below calculation model to calculate the check digit. You can also calculate them manually.


Don't forget to upload your GTINs in My Product Manager after calculating your check digit. This way it can be shared with the data recipients. Please contact us if you need more information >

Calculate multiple check digits?

You need to create multiple barcodes and thus calculate multiple check digits?

Check digit included in My Product Manager

Did you know that, as a GS1 member, you can also create and manage your identification keys easily and for free on our online platform My Product Manager?
This means that you create a unique and compliant Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) based on your company prefix in a few clicks and this directly includes a correct check digit!

Manage your GTINs centrally and clearly, so you never assign the same code twice. More saved time and less errors! 

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