FMCG & Foodservice

We offer producers and distributors of amongst others foodstuffs, care and maintenance products, supermarkets, caterers and other players in the sector a set of standards and sollutions to work efficiently together.

Although all players have their own ICT system, the supply chain standards offer a common language, which saves time and money. 

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FMCG & Foodservice
Product identificatie

Barcode with GTIN on products

A unique identification key coded in a barcode enables automatic recognition of products at the register or at every step of the goods flow in the warehouse.


Logistic label with SSCC on pallets

A logistic label on each pallet provides unique pallet numbers, allowing batches of products, each with their own expiry date, to be kept neatly apart.

Product informatie

Product information in My Product Manager or GDSN

Standardised product sheets and a system to exchange these between supplier and customer, enable a fast introduction of new products in the range. 

My Coupon Manager Tile

Coupons and My Coupon Manager (Coupon Data Pool)

A unique identification key coded in a barcode, allows for automatic recognition of coupons at checkout. A system in which coupons and products are linked to each other, ensures an automatic granting of discounts.


Electronic purchase order, delivery note and invoice

A standard for electronic purchase order, delivery note and invoice enables a fast and faultless delivery of products and a smooth payment of the invoice.

team work

Functioning of the sector

GS1 is a member organisation. We develop our supply chain standards in workgroups in which co-workers of different players of the supply chain work together.

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