Global Service Relation Number (GSRN)

Uniquely identify relationships using a GSRN

The GSRN is the identification for the persons within a given company. It identifies the person's relationship with the organisation that issues the GSRN. One person may therefore have several (even many) GSRNs with various organisations.

All about GS1 GSRN


How does a GSRN look like?

GSRN Prefix
gsrn scan

The GS1 Global Service Relation Number (GSRN) is used by service organisations (hospitals, health care institutions) to uniquely identify their relationships with individual service providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) and individual service clients (patients).
The GSRN only identifies a service organisation or individual in the context of the service relationship and in this way avoids privacy issues.
The GSRN is encoded in the form of a barcode or EPC/RFID tag, e.g. in a badge or wristband. 

  • The AI (8017) identifies a person as a service provider (doctor, nurse,...)
  • The AI (8018) identifies a person as service recipient (patient)