Benelux Maintenance Group - DIY, Garden & Pet

The Maintenance Group manages, maintains and develops GS1 standards on the basis of market developments and market demand. The starting point is to resolve business issues and to optimize exchange. The ultimate result is to safeguard the GS1 standards (implementation convention).

Additionally and when needed, there is a possibility to create temporary working groups. For example working groups to optimize a specific part of the datamodel, whether this is a class/segment of bricks, or working groups about one or more specific attributes to be optimized for multiple bricks.

Contact persons:

GS1 Belgilux: Zhangli Pollet

GS1 NL: Rob Bouwels

Questions? Contact us at


  • Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings B.V., represented by Laura Spritzer
  • Arvesta, represented by 
  • Bouwmaat Nederland B.V., represented by Tim van 't Veld
  • Calodar, represented by Eleonora Marras
  • Coram DIY B.V., represented by Froukje Maas
  • Corbeo, represented by 
  • Deli Home Holding B.V., represented by Enrico de Jong
  • Eltra DIY euronet, represented by Eva Marschang
  • Hubo België N.V., represented by Koen Segers
  • Intergamma B.V., represented by Mayra Yaldir en Touhfa Cheba
  • Knauf – Gips, represented by Geoffrey Trinon
  • Laroy Group, represented by Stef De Baets
  • Maxeda DIY Group, represented by Kathy Du Chau
  • Menouquin, represented by Marie Mazyn
  • Outdoor Life Group Holdings, represented by Jeroen van Buuren
  • PGZ International B.V., Pieter Bor
  • PPG Coatings Nederland B.V., represented by José Orge Markwat
  • Saint-Gobain Construction Products Belgium SA, represented by Liesbeth Wuyts
  • Soudal, represented by Nicolas Verbruggen
  • SPS B.V., represented by John Castelijn
  • TRENDIY, represented by Jan-Willem Valk
  • VARO, represented by Tom Govaerts and Raf Van Haver
  • Versele-Laga, represented by Ellen Toye and Gregory Mortier