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Our goal : a more efficient supply chain by offering companies global standards for identification, capturing and sharing data.

As an independent neutral non-profit organisation, we bring together companies such as supermarkets, DIY and garden stores, online shops, hospitals, pharmacies and their suppliers and logistics service providers.

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GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg is the organisation representing Belgium and Luxembourg of the international GS1 company.

Different bodies contribute to the policy and activities at different levels. Know more about our governance

Consumers, patients, business partners and regulators are demanding more and better product data than ever before. But complex and costly data exchange processes are producing a surge in low data quality.

And that is where GS1 jumps in! We empower industry's digital transformation by enabling businesses to create a digital version of a product that is as good as the physical one. Finally, consumers and patients will benefit from increased product transparency.


Our mission

We create a common basis for businesses by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations and assets.  

We enable visibility through the exchange of quality and authentic data.  

We help industries to grow and improve their efficiency, safety, security and sustainability. 

Our principles


At GS1, we appreciate our employees' ideas, initiatives and actions to make our work and company better in every way. It’s our mission to enable them to develop their own tailored path where they can leverage their strengths and develop as an individual. 


We encourage individual ways of working and encourage excellence in all outcomes. We realise that engagements are based on own perceptions of outcomes. We seek to identify the real needs of our employees and GS1, but allow them to make own decisions about the future. We deliver tangible and positive change based on their interests and work tasks in the best possible way.


We empower our employees as individuals and trust they can develop themselves and have the courage to try things out. We stand for a divers workplace with all kind of talents and the potential they bring, to make decisions and take initiatives that are in the best interest of everyone in our company.

Our values 


We use positive language. We seek to understand, then to be understood. We are respectful towards the company and each other so that everyone can feel comfortable. We take full responsibility for the results of our actions.


As a team member of GS1, we will always contribute positively to the organisation for effective and efficient results.

We focus on collaboration and hope to influence others to do so by leading by example.

We stimulate colleagues to help each other so that, together we can achieve something. 


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