Belgilux Working Group Transactional Data

The purpose of the Belgilux working group "transactional data" is to maintain the HO2C scenario's (data elements and associated validation rules). HO2C is a domestic and sector related format. In order to secure the future, the focus will also be on cross-sector and cross-border invoicing.
In this role, the working group assesses each change request.

This working group reports to the Belgilux steering committee for the Sustainable Value Chain.

Contact persons: Johan Vernimme and Dennis De Cat 

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•    Delhaize le lion/DeLeeuw
•    Sopraco
•    Be Food
•    Ter Beke
•    Etn. Fr. Colruyt
•    Coca-Cola
•    Nestle Belgium
•    Makro C&C Belgium
•    New Volman
•    Pietercil Delby’s
•    Carrefour Belgium
•    Henkel Belgium
•    Mowi Belgium
•    Frieslandcampina Belgium