Product images and digital assets

Why photos?

Creating enchanting images is key to ensuring the success of marketing and sales campaigns. Uploading photo allows you to easily showcase the best features of your products, hit home their unique properties and persuade your target group. Use on the power of visuals and ramp up your sales by drawing on the GS1 datapool: My Product Manager!

After all, no one buys a product without having seen what it looks like.

What do Benelux retailers want to be provided with?

The provider of the images is to supply at least one high quality image. Normally, this is an image of the product’s front. 

For FMCG & Foodservice, it is mandatory to have at least one packshot image, carrying one of the following names:

  • GTIN_A1N1 = primary photo name 
  • GTIN_C1N1 = primary photo name (high resolution)

We advise using the GTIN_C1N1 high resolution format.

For the DIY, garden & pet sector, no packshot requirement applies. Use the view/angle that shows off your product to the best effect.

How do I take high-quality photos that meet all the specifications?

Please find our guidelines to comply with all specifications, for all of the different types of product images.

Here you will find a checklist for adding product images to the GS1 datapool

How to add a photo/URL to a product sheet?

You can add a product image in 2 ways:

  1. Upload your image directly to the My Product Manager web interface.
  2. Enter the link to your own URL in your product sheet.

Consider the following specifications:

  • the URL must be publicly accessible (no login)
  • the URL must always point directly to the image, and not to a web page containing the image.
  • the URL must support a HEAD call
  • the URL must contain a content_length so that we can validate the file when downloading
  • The DAM system must be able to handle a large load in a short period of time without waiting time. If the DAM receives too many requests, there must be an appropriate error handling process (e.g. HTTP 429 too many requests).

Is it mandatory?

Include at least 1 product image in your product fact sheet. As a provider, you are free to ignore this "warning" (notification in My Product Manager) and send in your product information regardless. However, be aware that if your product is audited this will have a negative impact on your score if no images have been included.

How do I add digital assets?

Online purchases are growing explosively and consumers are using more and more channels. It can therefore be useful to be able to exchange videos or instructions with web shops and consumers in addition to images.

Moreover, the government is requiring more and more information. In addition to reliable product information and product images, chain parties increasingly need documents or Digital Assets (e.g. safety data sheets, DoPs, etc.) for internal processes, but also for (online) customers.

You can consult the specifications and guidelines for the do-it-yourself, garden & animal sector here.

Frequently Asked Questions