What is GDSN feedback?

GDSN feedback is the feedback (CIC messages) that you get from the datapool (if there is an error message) or from your customers, once publication is complete.

This feedback contains essential information about whether or not your publication was successful!

This feedback is available in the ‘My Products’ tab at the level that you published; in other words, there will be no feedback for your basic units). You can access your feedback details by clicking on the status.

GDSN feedback


The first column (recipient) shows who sent the error message. If you have a specific customer, you should check the messages to see whether the GLN for your buyer appears and what message they have sent.


The second column shows the status.


The third column (GTIN) shows the item in question. So it can therefore involve a lower unit in your hierarchy; for example, your basic unit.


The Description column shows which error message you have received. This always refers to a validation rule and the field that you need to amend.