Barcode verification service

Have any concerns about the conformity and scannability of a barcode or a logistics label? Or have you received a complaint about this from a distributor? Members of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg can have their barcodes verified free of charge by our customer support team, which has a number of verification devices for this purpose. Our team will then prepare a full verification report with recommendations for correction. 

Please note: Verification takes on average 2 weeks. For urgent requests you can contact us by phone at + 32 2 229 18 80

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What can you send us?


What should you keep in mind when sending your barcodes? 

  • For a correct assessment, we ask that you provide us with the original printed matter (no fax, no photocopy, no electronic file). In case of transparent packaging, it is a good idea to send us the packaging including the product content. 
  • In the application, always state the what language you would like the report to be in (NL-FR-ENG) and the e-mail address to which you would like us to send the verification report. 
  • Applications are handled according to the FIFO method. Please allow for an average waiting time of two to three weeks. 
  • The results of our verification apply solely to the barcode sample delivered to us. 
  • Our organisation is unable to perform a systematic check of all packaging of a company. You can purchase a verification device for this yourself. Consult our solution provider finder for this. 
  • For medicines and hazardous substances, we request that you only send the packaging (without content) or the label. If you nevertheless wish to send a physical sample with content, we ask that you display the legally required ‘EU-GHS pictograms or other warning pictograms on the outer packaging (the postal package). 

To which address can you send your samples?

Contact us

Tips for a readable barcode

Prevention is the best cure! Find out which common mistakes can make a barcode unreadable and how to avoid them. 


Make sure that the barcode is no smaller than the minimum and no larger than the maximum dimensions and can be read by all types of scanners. 

For more information about the permitted dimensions, see the barcode guide (chapter 6). 

Colour contrast 

The barcodes that you can download in My Product Manager consist of black stripes on a white background. This is the ideal colour contrast for a barcode. There must be sufficient colour contrast for the scanners to distinguish the stripes from the background. 

Want to use a different colour anyway? Consult our handy colour guide to check the layout of your barcodes. 


The ideal location of a barcode is the lower right quadrant of the rear. Avoid folds, creases, indentations, corners and the like, as these may interfere with the readability of the barcode. 

For more information and examples, see the barcode guide. 

Print quality 

It is very important to maintain your printers properly so that the printing quality of your barcodes is and remains optimal. For example, one defective dot in your printer can make your barcode unreadable. 


Looking for barcode hardware or software? Consult our Solution Provider Finder.