GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN)

Globale data- exchange via the Central Data Bank

The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN) allows you to exchange accurate and up-to-date data across the globe with your business partners. The network enables you to synchronise logistical and label data, as well as digital files (PDF, photos, MSDS, etc.) with your business partners from every corner of the globe, in a standardised manner in the digital realm. Among the certified GS1 GDSN data pools is GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg’s Central Data Bank (CDB). This data pool holds the data distributed via the GS1 GDSN.

GS1 GDSN schema



  • Exchange international product data with your connected business partners, from a single and one and the same local data pool.
  • Synchronisation: all changes made to the product data base of a given company are automatically and instantly shared with all partners you are connected with.
  • One definition per field, one field list per sector and/or target market.
  • Serves as the base of the EDI, offering excellent data quality.

Central Data Bank

The CDB is GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg’s certified local GS1 GDSN data pool. For all technical matters, we work with atrify GmbH. The CDB can be accessed by all businesses that are members of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg or another GS1 organisation. Users pay a specific (annual) fee. 

CDB for data providers

The data can be uploaded to the CDB in 3 different ways: 


  • Manual data entry via online environments (specific to the sector)
  • Via Excel imports/exports
  • Automatically from an ERP/PIM system (via an AS2 or sFTP link-up).

CDB voor data recipients

The data may be obtained in a range of different ways via the CDB:

  • Via an online environment (specific to the sector) where you get to manually consult and download the data in an Excel file. Access to this environment is available against payment of a fee supplement. 
  • Via an environment (specific to the sector) where you get to consult the data. Access to this environment is available against payment of a fee supplement.
  • Automated supply of the data in XML format via an AS2 or sFTP link-up.

The specific environments, data models (data to be entered per product) and validation rules may vary in consideration of the sector. All of this information is detailed in the pages that deal with the various sectors.

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