Filling the brand and description of a product

In the GS1 data model Do-It-Yourself, Garden & Pet, there is a standard format for each text field and instructions for entering the correct data in My Product Manager. When entering data about the commercial attributes, these are regularly entered incorrectly and inconsistently. Mainly with attributes such as brand name and product description. GS1 has prepared instructions with examples for this. These can be consulted below:

merk en productomschrijving


Attention: Upon request from the sector some modifications have been made in the instructions for these commercial text fields in September 2023. These measures will facilitate the entering of these fields. Read these instructions carefully.

The most important modifications 


  • The version number has been aligned with the version number of the data model.
  • A few examples were tightened up and a few text errors corrected. 

Languages (for all text fields)

  • If you deliver to customers in Belgium (target market 056) and Luxembourg (target market 442), specifically indicate that the text should be entered only in Dutch and in French. 
  • (Added) If there is a different language on the packaging, stick to it for clarity in stores. 

Product description 

  • (Added) For unbranded items, do not enter the value ‘UNBRANDED’ in the product description. 
  • (Added) If a consumer unit consists of several parts with different dimensions (e.g. lounge set), do not enter those different dimensions in the product description. Keep it generic (e.g. lounge set 2-pieces). When components are entered separately, you can add the dimensions in the product description (e.g. bench right 217x88x82 cm grey).  
  • (Added) If the products are assorted, add the number of variants or colours to the product description (e.g. dog toys – 3 colours). It is no longer allowed to include ‘assorted’ in the product description because the term is confusing for consumers.  

Short product name 

  • (Added) Indicate in the product name if the item consists of several parts (e.g., 2-pieces or 3-pieces). Has the short product name more than 35 characters? Then abbreviate as follows: 2-pcs or 2pcs.
  • (Adapted) Always write the colours in full. Has the short product name more than 35 characters? Then abbreviate the colour first by using the abbreviation from the tab ‘Instructions short product name’. Is the colour not in the list? Then choose a logical abbreviation yourself. 



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