GS1 Belgilux plays a crucial role in improving efficiency, safety and sustainability in the construction industry through the implementation of globally recognised standards such as the GTIN. These standards help companies manage accurate and consistent product information, which is essential to comply with regulations and improve visibility and traceability in the supply chain.

Benefits for your business

Enhanced transparency

improved traceability of materials and products.

digitalisering automatisering
Cost savings

much more efficient logistics and administrative processes.

verhoogde veiligheid
Increased security

accurate data contribute to safe construction practices.


supporting circular economy through better information on recyclability.

Identification keys of use in the construction industry


Global Trade Item Number: Unique identification of products worldwide


Global Location Number: Unique identification of locations


Serial Shipping Container Code: Tracking of logistic units


 Global Individual Asset Identifier: Unique identification of assets

QR code powered by GS1

 Next generation of barcodes for extended product information

GS1 Belgilux helps companies in the construction industry implement these standards through training and support, leading to more efficient and higher-quality information and product flows throughout the life cycle of construction projects.

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Compliance with (new) legislation

Thanks to the reliable data provided by GS1 standards, companies can comply with (European and Belgian) regulations. An example is the Green Deal and the related Digital Product Passport that will become active for the entire construction sector from 2027.

Digital Product Passport

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) provides extensive information on the origin, composition and recyclability of building materials. Using GS1 standards such as the GTIN, it improves traceability and meets sustainability and compliance requirements. 

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Next Generation of Barcode

GS1 Digital Link allows QR codes to connect products with digital information, such as manuals, certificates and origin data. This increases the accessibility and transparency of product information for all stakeholders in the construction industry. 

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