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In Belgium and Luxembourg, the e-commerce market was worth nearly €16 billion in 2023. With 91% of Belgians having already bought online, it would be unthinkable today not to seize this business opportunity. Whether via your own webshop or via one of the many marketplaces out there, such as, Amazon, Google, Veepee, etc., what are you waiting for? 

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How does it work?


1. DEFINE how many product codes you need

Before creating a barcode, you first need to determine how many product codes (GTIN/EAN) you will need. Be sure to think long term about this, as your range can always be expanded.

Check here how you determine how many codes you need When do I have to create a GTIN?



As soon as you have determined how many product codes you will need, you can take out an annual subscription to a code package. Indicate how many codes you need and fill in the necessary company information. We will then provide your unique company prefix that is required for all GS1 codes! Your product codes will always start with this company prefix.

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3. CREATE your GTINs

Now that you have a company prefix and an account, you can start creating GTINs and barcodes. With My Product Manager you can create your GTIN in a few steps.

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GS1, your online sales partner!

It all starts with the unique identification of your products with a GTIN/EAN code. That’s all it takes to sell online! But GS1 can also help you to exchange data and images in a standardised way with your trading partners. So what standards should be used? 


Unique identification

GS1 is recognised as the one and only issuer of product codes for online sales and marketplaces. But how does it work? 


Delen data GS1

Share product data in real time

In addition to product identification, online selling calls for a whole lot of data.  With GS1, find the right solutions to share your product data in real time with all your (online) retailers. 


Beschikken over de juiste productafbeeldingen GS1

Generate compliant product images

A good online product is a product with an image. Can you imagine buying without one? GS1 helps you display your product images so that they are compliant and usable on all digital platforms. 


Verified by GS1

With Verified by GS1 everyone can check the identity of your products easily

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GS1 recognised as a global partner for marketplaces

GS1 is recognised as a partner worldwide for the unique identification of products in the following marketplaces or by e-commerce specialists in Belgium such as: 

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In collaboration with:

Are GS1 codes the only globally verified and certified product codes?


There are companies that sell individual barcodes or GTINs (or EAN codes). This may seem like a good deal, but only GS1 can offer you all the benefits of official product codes. GS1 is also the one and only issuer of standardised GTINs and barcodes worldwide, so you can sell your products anywhere you want. If you use unofficial barcodes, and this causes problems later on (e.g. because it turns out that the code is not unique), GS1 won’t be able to help you. 

So beware of "pirate" barcode resellers! 

Get started quickly with our special pack!

We offer a pack of 10 product codes (or GTINs), specially designed for entrepreneurs with a limited product range, at the attractive price of € 60.  

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