Updates / Releases FMCG & Foodservice and validations rules

The data model and the associated validation rules, which together form the standardized product sheet, are changed 4 times a year. Such a change is called a release in the technical jargon.

During a release, product features (attributes) or values in code lists can be added, changed or removed.

The input instructions can also change, as a result of which the validation rules that check whether the product sheet is completed completely and correctly, are also adjusted.

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Release planning 2022

Release In production on 
Release 1 - 2022  26 February 2022
Release 2 - 2022 21 May 2022
Release 3 - 2022 13 August 2022
Release 4 - 2022 19 November 2022
Release 1 - 2023 25 February 2023

Release 19 November 2022

On 19 November 2022 the next release of the GDSN standard and of the Benelux FMCG data model will take place. In the release notes below you will find all changes and in the validation overview you will find the validations that will be active at that time.

Documentation Language Type  
GDSN release notes FMCG English XLSX Download
FMCG Datamodel 3.1.21 English XLSX Download
Overview of validation rules for the Benelux FMCG English XLSX Download

Previous releases