Committees and working groups


Within GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, there are several bodies that contribute at different levels to the policy and activities. 

Steering committees and working groups in support of our Board of Directors. Their agenda is determined by research questions from GS1 Global or GS1 in Europe, specific assignments from the Board and questions from the market. They try to provide an answer by looking for solutions within the standards and, where necessary, providing input for their expansion.

The members of the committees are representatives of our members (manufacturers and distributors) with extensive experience and expertise in the area. Solutions approved by committees are communicated to the Board of Directors through the CEO. If a committee cannot reach consensus, the Board of Directors will decide on the further course of action. 

The Board, the CEO or the committees themselves may also set up temporary working groups to address specific issues within a discipline. They report to the relevant committee, which in turn - through the General Manager - communicates the solutions to the Board of Directors. Working groups are composed of experts from the member companies, depending on the  subject at hand.

The following bodies will manage the governance of GS1 Belgilux and at Benelux level:

Sectoral Business Council/ Top2Top

The sectoral business council gives C-level input for the sector vision/strategy and policy for product information and supply chain management at sector level.

Steering Committee

The steering committee’s aim is to draw up the project proposals and to manage the realisation of project plans commissioned by the Board. 

Working groups

Working group’s aim is to develop solutions for business issues based on GS1 standards on behalf of the Steering Committees. Working groups submit implementation projects to the Steering Committee and implement after approval. The permanent sector working groups manage and maintain the implementation of GS1 standards for their respective sector. It can be operational or non-operational issues. 


Overview of the permanent committees and working group


Working Group Future of Barcode

The objective of the Working Group Future of Barcodes is to guide our Belgilux members in the global transition to 2D barcodes at Point-of-Sale. This includes an awareness campaign on use and business cases, training, verification and any other support. Together we will learn from each other’s implementation and contribute to a European migration plan.

Contact person: Karen Arkesteyn

Belgilux working group transactional data

The purpose of the Belgilux working group "transactional data" is to maintain the HO2C scenario's (data elements and associated validation rules). HO2C is a domestic and sector related format. In order to secure the future, the focus will also be on cross-sector and cross-border invoicing.
In this role, the working group assesses each change request.

Contact persons: Johan Vernimme and Dennis De Cat.

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Working Group digitalisation of couponing and M-coupon

The aim of this working group is to make recommendations to the various players in the market to digitalise the coupon acceptance process at retail checkouts and open the door to the future national digital coupon (M-coupon).

Contact person: Raphaël Ghaye

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FMCG & Foodservice

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Belgilux Top2Top

The purpose of these Top2Top is to have yearly meeting between the C-level of brands and retailers and GS1 to discuss common strategic objectives.

Contact person: Jan Somers

Benelux Maintenance Group Product Master Data

The Benelux Maintenance Group Product Master Data maintains the datamodel (standardised product sheet) and the associated validation rules used to exchange product information via GS1 GDSN within the Benelux.

In this role, the committee assesses each change request.

Contact persons: Bo Pincket GS1 Belgilux, Jan Schimmel GS1 NL

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Benelux Working Group data model Foodservice

The aim of this working group will be to propose the necessary data to be supplied to Foodservice operators, in addition to the product data currently available via GS1, in order to guarantee complete, reliable and high-quality information.

Contact persons: Emmanuel Prete GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg & Adriaan Buijs GS1 Netherlands

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Benelux Work Group Harmonization and mutual recognition of the data quality programmes

The objective of the Benelux Work Group Harmonization and mutual recognition of the data quality programs is to make a recommendation on harmonization of the existing data quality programs by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg and GS1 Netherlands and mutual recognition.

Contact person(s):Raphaël Ghaye GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, Jerry Tracey GS1 Netherlands

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DIY, Garden & Pet

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Benelux Maintenance Group

The Maintenance Group manages, maintains and develops GS1 standards on the basis of market developments and market demand. The starting point is to resolve business issues and to optimize exchange. The ultimate result is to safeguard the GS1 standards (implementation convention).

Additionally and when needed, there is a possibility to create temporary working groups. For example working groups to optimize a specific part of the datamodel, whether this is a class/segment of bricks, or working groups about one or more specific attributes to be optimized for multiple bricks.

Contact persons:

GS1 Belgilux: Zhangli Pollet

GS1 NL: Rob Bouwels

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Benelux Steering Committee

The objective of the Steering Committee is to steer towards the realization of the GS1 Business Council committed projects within the term set out in the business case. It also aims to develop and prepare project plans instructed by the Business Council or, in the case of enough support within the Steering Committee, developed in-house within the limits of the GS1 policy plan and without delaying factors.

Contact persons:

GS1 Belgilux: Sarah Lard

GS1 NL: Marco Van der Lee

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Benelux Business Council

The objective of the Business Council is to determine the vision and policy of the sector. On that basis, it prioritizes business issues and it commissions and commits to the projects set up by the Steering Committee.

Contact persons:

GS1 Belgilux: Sarah Lard

GS1 NL: Jerry Tracey

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Belgilux Steering Committee

The objective of the Healthcare committee is to determine the vision, policy and priority of the sector, and this based on the Global Health Care 5 year strategy (2023-2028).

Contact person: Patrick Ponsaerts

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Healthcare User Group

The objective of this user group aims to bring together professionals from all stakeholders members of GS1 Belgilux in the healthcare sector, including hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, distributors.

Contact person: Patrick Ponsaerts

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