GS1 Logistics Label

The purpose of the logistics label is to speed up the delivery process to the customer, such as a retailer's distribution centre. The use of the GS1 Logistics Label can also contribute to the traceability of goods. 

What information can be found on a GS1 Logistics Label? 

  • The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). This is a mandatory element on every GS1 Logistics Label, both in barcode form and in human-readable text. The barcode used on a logistics label is the GS1-128 barcode
  • For homogenous logistics units, additional information can be included on the GS1 Logistics Label, such as the batch number, the GTIN of the associated unit and the expiration date. This should also be in barcode form and in human-readable text. 
  • For heterogeneous logistics units, the SSCC on the GS1 Logistics Label is sufficient. The other information is then sent by the sender from the logistics unit to the recipient by means of a EDI electronic delivery note (DESADV).The SSCC is also included in the DESADV. This ensures the link between the item information in the EDI message and the goods on the logistics units. 

Want to know more about the content, layout and dimensions of the logistics label? Watch the video below!