My Product Manager Identify

My Product Manager is the platform for easy creation and management of your GTINs and barcodes. With the platform, you can create identification codes for your products in just a few steps and download the corresponding barcodes. It is also the first step towards identifying your products for physical or online sales.

This platform will be accessible through the My Product Manager Identify subscription.

My Product Manager Identify

The advantages of My Product Manager Identify

Product identification

Creation of your product codes

Identify your products easily and quickly with GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). In just a few clicks, your codes are ready and your products can be sold.


Correct barcodes

Download also the barcode corresponding to your product code. This will ensure that your product code is correct and ready to be printed on your product packaging.


Creation of the ID-card for your products

In addition to the product code, certain attributes are necessary for online or in-store sales for optimal identification of your product. These form the ID-card of your product.

gestion centralisée

Centralised management

Excel files are outdated! You can also store and manage your product codes in one place. This saves you from accidentally assigning the same code twice and also gives you an overview of your remaining codes.

Time saving

Time saving

Just a few clicks and it's done! Creating your product codes and the corresponding barcodes has never been easier or quicker.


Ensuring uniqueness

Thanks to the product codes (GTIN), you can be sure that each product is uniquely identified. These codes are assigned to you and only you have them. You can therefore be sure that each code is unique and globally recognised.

Other advantages included in the subscription


Helpdesk & Training

Take advantage of the help of our trilingual helpdesk (FR, NL, EN). 

Still have questions? Or would you like to know more about the GS1 standards, their use and implementation? Follow one of our training courses


My GS1 Icons

Access to other GS1 platforms

In addition to the My Product Manager platform, take advantage of other platforms such as My Locations Manager for the creation and management of your GLNs (location codes) and Verified by GS1, the directory of all product codes (GTIN) worldwide.


Access to other GS1 tools

The subscription also includes access to other tools and services. For example, the barcode check service, if you want to have your barcodes checked or the Calimero tool to start EDI.

More about My Product Manager

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