Verified by GS1 (GS1 Search Engine)

Verified by GS1 is a global solution that enables everyone, from consumers to retailers and marketplaces, to verify the identity of a product, a company or a location by querying the GS1 registry platform.


Search for a GS1 identifier

Increased trust with accurate product and company information
Drive transparency and efficiency with accurate location information
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Enhances consumer buying experience with accurate product information

What does Verified by GS1 offer for retailers & marketplaces?

Verified by GS1 can give an answer to those questions:

1.    Is this GTIN a valid GTIN and does it conform to the GS1 Standards?
2.    To which company is this GTIN licenced? In other words, who owns the product?
3.    What are the basic attributes for this GTIN?
4.    Does the licence data match the data in your system?
5.    Does the identification key data match the data in your system?

What & how can I search?

Up to 30 queries per day Automatic connection via API
Open to all For GS1 members
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How are data uploaded?


Why is this important for you as a supplier?

More and more retailers and marketplaces, such as and Amazon, request their suppliers to use GS1 GTINs and to upload their GTINs in Verified by GS1. This allows them to fight against counterfeit and to check that products are uniquely identified  

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How does it work for brands in Belgium & Luxembourg?

All products with a GS1 Belgilux company prefix (= starting with 54) which are uploaded in My Product Manager (directly or via GS1 GDSN) are automatically uploaded in the GS1 Registry Platform. So, it’s easy, if you create and manage your GTINs in My Product Manager, your products will also be available via the Verified by GS1 service. You don’t need to do anything else!

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Is your trading partner asking for more information?

Verified by GS1 offers you a preview of the data available in My Product Manager, the GS1 Belgilux integrated platform for data sharing within the FMCG & Foodservice, DIY, garden & pet and healthcare sector. 
With My Product Manager you can exchange complete product sheets and logistic information with your trading partners. 

More information about My Product Manager