My Locations Manager

My Locations Manager, GS1’s GLN database 

My Locations Manager is an online platform with which you can create and manage Belgian/Luxembourgish Global Location Numbers (GLNs).This database was developed by GS1 Belgilux with the aim of creating one single reliable source with all national GLNs. 

Belgian/Luxembourgish GLNs of other companies can be consulted through ‘Verified by GS1’. 

On what basis can you look up a GLN?

What data do you already have?  Search for ...
A specific GLN or part thereof, or the company prefix  GLN or company prefix
The address details of the company Address
The company name or part of it  Company name
The VAT number or part of it  VAT number

Both My Locations Manager and Verified by GS1 are accessible by logging in to ‘My GS1