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Publication of the new GS1 Benelux FMCG & Foodservice data model

Most important changes: 

  • A new attribute 'Nutri-Score product category' (nutritionalScoreProductCategoryCode) with an associated code list is added. In this attribute, you specify which Nutri-Score category the product falls into. This is used to calculate the Nutri-Score.  
  • Change in attribute usage: It is no longer conditionally required to provide information regarding the hazard- and precautionary statements on cosmetics in the attribute 'Drug or supplement side effects and warnings' (drugSideEffectsAndWarnings). The required information should be entered in the attribute 'Additional legal product information' (compulsoryAdditiveLabelInformation) from now on. 

  • For products published to the Netherlands: Several packaging attributes will become CONDITIONALLY MANDATORY for consumer-, trade- and logistical units.   


Important new & updated warnings: 

  • A temporary warning will be added to help the migration of code values ‘NIX18’ and ‘PREGNANCY WARNING’ from 'Third party accreditation symbol on product package code' to 'Consumer Usage Label Code' (enumerationValue). 
  • ‘Hazardous statements code’ (hazardStatementsCode) will be the main trigger for dangerous goods related validations. The number of validations is optimized.  
  • A new validation will be triggered if 'Packaging material colour code reference' (packagingMaterialColourCodeReference) is not filled after 'Packaging material type code' (packagingMaterialTypeCode) was provided. 
  • A new validation will be added to make sure 'Loose or pre-packed code' attribute (variableTradeItemTypeCode) has been filled out for the GDM groups 'Fresh Fruits & Vegetables' or 'Fresh Meat' as part of the GPC classification system. 
  • A new validation will be added to indicate that only 1 set of VAT information (per target market) is allowed per product. 


Other changes: 

  • Update or clarification on instructions and obligations for several attributes in the data model: 

    • 'Regulation type code' (regulationTypeCode) 

    • 'Composite material detail packaging material composition quantity' (packagingMaterialCompositionQuantity) 

    • 'Raw material code in packaging' (packagingRawMaterialCode) 

    • 'Contact address' (contactAddress) 

    • 'Contact information GLN (Global Location Number)' (gln) 

    • 'Allergen declarations indicator' (isAllergenRelevantDataProvided) 

    • 'Consumer Sales Condition Code' (consumerSalesConditionCode) 

    • 'Classification of packaging material'(packagingMaterialClassificationCodeReference) 

    • 'Material colour code'(packagingMaterialColourCodeReference) 


  • Update validations and code lists due to GPC changes and corrections or translations in the data model. 


More information

The new data model and the validation overview can be found on our website in Dutch, French and English. You can find a complete overview of all changes in the release notes.


Contact us via support@gs1belu.org or call +32 2 229 18 88.

FMCG & Foodservice
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FMCG & Foodservice
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