My Data Capture by GS1

What is My Data Capture?

My Data Capture is part of the GS1 Belgilux data quality programme.

This new service automatically converts product information on the label, on your behalf, to standardised GS1 product sheets in My Product Manager. This means you are immediately ready to sell your product online and to business partners.

Hand over your data management to GS1 experts.

✔️ Captation and mapping of your product's label information in My Product Manager.
✔️ Easy sharing of product information with retailers, marketplaces, apps and consumers.
✔️ Accurate through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence).


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Why would you outsource this process?


For whom?

My Data Capture is intended for the sectors: FMCG (food & non-food) and pet food.

How does it work?


Request My Data Capture

Complete the application form to request My Data Capture. Afterwards, we will get in touch with you to finalise the details and activate My Data Capture in your My GS1 environment.

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Upload artwork

Upload your product's artwork via My Data Capture and we'll make sure all label information is entered correctly in My Product Manager.

Instructions on how to upload artworks


Validate and enrich your data

As soon as everything is entered correctly by us, you can further complete your product details in My Product Manager and you are ready to publish!

Check which attributes will be filled in

I am interested

I would like to outsource the capture of my product data to GS1.

Get in touch with a GS1 expert

We aim to contact you within 2 working days.

What will be filled in?

Label information such as:

✔️ Label information - minimum the mandatory info that is on the packaging and following the FIC regulation  

✔️ Ingredients, nutrients, allergens

✔️ Contact information, logos 

✔️ Net content, drained weight

✔️ Claims, legal name, etc.

Check in detail which attributes will be filled in

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What will not be filled in:

All other label information such as:

❌ Logistical information 

❌ Marketing information, photos (and other optional fields) 

Would you also like to outsource this? 

Then contact one of our partners or contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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Hendrik Geuns, Manager Data Management Alken-Maes N.V.

"The automated Data Capture by OCR will create a few advantages for us being a Data Provider. It will not only save time in gathering and completing the mandatory data, but it will also prevent typos and other errors, which will result in data quality improvement as from the source.
Happy to have participated in the pilot. This gave us the opportunity to do a general screening of the whole process in My Product Manager and to propose some optimizations.
Last but not least, many credits to the accessible and highly communicative project lead.

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Angie Gelan, Administrative Employee DE KLOK n.v.

"End of March 2023, we got the good news from Delhaize NV, that we could supply their 42 new shops with our products. We were very excited but still had to fulfil one last condition and that was to create our product sheets in My Product Manager.
It soon became clear to me that I would have to spend a lot of time on this, time I did not have at that moment.
Feeling helpless, I contacted the GS1 team to ask if they could take over this task from me and create the product sheets. That same day, I received a phone call from the project manager .
From that call on, everything went like clockwork. I provided them with the necessary info about our products and the GS1 Customer Advisors team correctly created our product sheets from A to Z.
Finally, all I had to do was finalise the product sheets and give the order for publication to GS1.
Meanwhile, everything has been processed and Delhaize has access to the product sheets and sales can start!
And me? I was able to leave everything to GS1 with peace of mind and focus on my day-to-day tasks."



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