Expertise: Product master data, Integration backoffice software - GDSN, PIM-DAM software other datamodels, Transactional data (EDI), Web (portal) HO2C (transactions within FMCG-Foodservice sector), Web (portal) PEPPOL (cross-sector transactions), Machine-to-machine HO2C (transactions within FMCG-Foodservice sector), Machine-to-machine EANCOM (other specific transactions)
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Company profile

All enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on data and the mechanisms allowing them to exchange business-relevant information with their partners (suppliers, customers, logistics operators, and service providers). To facilitate and enhance that communication, Comarch provides innovative, cloud-based products that enable efficient document management and automation of sales/business processes taking place in the supply chain. Our products incorporate various emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and cloud to help companies achieve better business results and reduce document handling costs.


  • Unilever
  • AGFA-Gevaert
  • Metro Group

Our solutions

1) EDI (Electronic Data Interchange Software)

Having more than 25 years of experience in providing advanced systems and services for business automation, Comarch's IT engineers and business specialists took on the task of creating a leading-edge electronic data interchange solution. The result is Comarch EDI - a cloud-based B2B platform that enables dynamic and reliable data exchange between you and your trading partners. Designed to help your company significantly improve its business efficiency, our product is fully compliant with the latest global standards & regulations. Allowing you to send and receive dozens of electronic message types converted to many different formats, the platform has frequently been acknowledged for being both a highly practical and cost-effective IT product. It can be easily integrated with your internal IT systems or used as a Web-EDI solution. Despite which form you choose, it will facilitate the entire trade life cycle - from placing an order, through the shipment, to the actual payment. Plus, thanks to the implementation of the blockchain, traceability, and machine learning technology, Comarch EDI guarantees that your supply chain processes will always be perfectly optimized for achieving greater business results.

2) Master Data Management

The more we know about how important for business growth effective data-sharing is, the more we realize that it is not just about how fast information is distributed among buyers and suppliers. It is also about the quality and transparency of the exchanged data. To help you synchronize your product data with all trading partners, we deliver Comarch Master Data Management - a cloud-based, GS1 GDSN certified data pool that allows you to organize, verify, manage, and maintain business-relevant information with ease. Providing each authorized party with instant access to a shared database, it guarantees real-time updates - giving you and your partners a chance to track all critical changes in the product register as they happen. Not only does our product eliminate chaotic email or paper communication - frequently resulting in double data entry or human errors - but it can also be integrated with internal master data systems to improve data flow. As a result, Comarch MDM enables you to optimize your business operations and achieve better results in no time.

3) E-invoicing

Comarch e-Invoicing is a powerful and comprehensive product that both streamlines and automates all of your AP/AR invoicing processes to enable a secure and highly efficient document exchange with all of your business partners and clients. Created to address the challenges of the ongoing digital transformation, it is fully compliant with the latest legal regulations and modern data transfer standards. It was designed to automatically validate and convert every invoice you send or receive - regardless of the size and technical maturity of your company. Combined with a complete set of practical, technologically advanced functionalities such as Self-Billing, e-Archive, and Electronic Signature - as well as our experience in carrying out the most complex B2B & B2G operations - Comarch e-Invoicing guarantees both higher quality of data and lower operational costs. documenten.


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