GS1 Belgilux Forum 2024

Thursday 21 March 2024

Mark this date in your calendar, because on that day our GS1 Belgilux FORUM 2024 will take place! 

Do you want to find out more about all the possibilities of the new generation of barcodes?
Be inspired by the successes of our members testing the barcode and end the day by making quality contacts.


Thursday March 21 2024
Kineplis Imagibraine

♾️ Morning (from 9am to 1pm) 

  • No (circular) economy without trusted identifiers and trusted data.
  • 50 years after its launch, the GTIN is still the unique identifier, even for webshops and marketplaces. 
  • The new generation of barcodes and GS1 Digital Link.
  • Sharing product information, the key to effective commercial collaboration. 

🥪 Lunch (from 1pm to 2pm)

♻️ Afternoon (from 2pm to 4pm) 

  • Better reuse and recycling packaging thanks to information sharing.

🍷 Closing drink

Free event

✅ This event is free subject to registration. 

✅ Organising this event takes a lot of time, effort and money. That's why we charge a €100 no-show fee if you don't show up after registration and fail to notify us by 11 March 2024.

Trilingual event

✅ The event will be held in French, Dutch, and English with each speaker speaking in their mother tongue.

✅ We will provide headsets for simultaneous translation into French and Dutch.


Next generation of barcodes. One scan, infinite possibilities.

09:00 Welcome & networking with coffee 

09:30 Part 1 

  • 50 years after its launch, the GTIN is still the unique identifier, even for webshops and marketplaces 
  • The new generation of barcodes and GS1 Digital Link 
  • Sharing product information, the key to effective commercial collaboration 

11:00 Coffee break & networking
11:30 Part 2

  • The new generation of barcodes, concrete examples

12:30 Walking Lunch & networking 


Packaging and packaging data

12:30 Walking Lunch & networking 


  • How green is your barcode ? And why one barcode that fits all? 
  • How and why do companies make their packaging more sustainable? 
  • How do we exchange data around packaging and why?

16:00 Closing drink

Jan Somers | CEO & host of the event

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

🎤 French, Dutch, English
Marc Henkens | President GS1 Belgilux – Ecommerce director

File:Hubo Belgique logo.png

🎤 French

GS1 at a turning point 
One scan – infinite possibilities. The barcode exists 50 years. 10 billion beeps a day at the checkout. The next 50 years we will see the new generation of barcodes, with new possibilities for consumer engagement, and with enlarged data accessible via the barcode. In 2027, we roll this out. What does it mean? What can you do with it? GS1 "one stop shop" allows you to identify, create barcodes, share data and create digital links in the same digital hub, and in the future, create your Digital Product Passport. 

John Philips | VP Customer Supply Chain & Go-To-Market

🎤 English

Smart Packaging – How Pepsico is cracking the code for 1-on-1 Customer Engagement.
As we begin to embark on the journey to replace the current barcode, we have an unprecedented opportunity to transform how consumers digitally engage with their favourite products. The new generation of barcodes enables new capabilities to expand consumer engagement and provide a curated experience tailored to the individual product. This framework will allow expanded sharing of nutritional, brand, allergen, sustainability, pepsi recycling, loyalty programmes, and other consumer centric information.

Greet & Marc
Greet Dekocker, Managing Director & Marc Perin, Lead Public Affairs & Legal

🎤 Dutch

Why is identification with a GTIN critical for marketplaces and ecommerce? How important is the GTIN for online shopping and the circular economy? 
Marketplaces, selling millions of products, do need a verified identification for the products they sell. On top new legislation requires more verified data to be share online, and via a new generation of barcode on the product. 

Hilde De Geest | Customer Logistics Director Belux

🎤 Dutch

The funeral of excel and pdf in data sharing. Let’s digitalise and exchange data with GS1 GDSN.
Excel is still used by retailers and buyers to request product information. But this information is available in the GS1 GDSN network. Let’s be efficient all together and organise the funeral of excel for product information exchange.  

Dimitri Sonck | Department head Service Centre Product Information

🎤 Dutch

Project PI-Fast. Colruyt standardises the way suppliers and private label manufacturers publish product sheets to Colruyt Group.
Efficiency, speed, and quality data are the keywords of the new strategy of the Colruyt Group. Data will exclusively be received via My Product Manager or via the GS1 GDSN network. One flow. And speed. In 7 working days. Learn more and be prepared.  

Varo en Hubo
Jeroen Nys | CEO & Koen Segers | Inkoop-Backoffice

File:Hubo Belgique logo.png   

🎤 Dutch

One barcode for retail scanning and consumer engagement.
Flash forward: one single barcode on the packaging that can be scanned at the checkout, in the warehouse and by the consumer. Some companies are already getting ready.

Wouter Schaekers | Director Product Supply & Sustainability

Procter & Gamble - Wikipedia

🎤 Dutch

Circular use case from industry perspective. Regulation as circularity accelerator, GS1 as transformation facilitator. 
How do companies cope with new regulation challenges? How should GS1 facilitate and upgrade their standards. As example, intelligent sorting with digital watermarks. The Holy Grail 2.0 project. An industry consortium of 200 companies assessing smart ways of sorting in order to better reuse and recycle packaging.

tom domen
Tom Domen | Innovation Orchestrator & Koen Buijtenweg | CEO Fyllar


🎤 Dutch

Instore refill with Fyllar: How to create value with a circular business model making use of smart packaging and the next generation of barcodes 
Innovative projects must consider the business case, the regulatory challenges and the consumer expectations. This is even more challenging for refillable products. How are detergents brands, like Ecover, and Fyllar reinventing filling station using a digital ecosystem? 

Henriane Gilliot | Environmental Project Manager

🎤 French

Setting the scene. Circular packaging requires another way of acting.   
How do you make packaging more sustainable? How to apply the reduce, reuse and recycle principle to packaging? What changes need to be done and how can GS1 play a role and help?

Wim Van Edom | Head of Economic Affairs

🎤 Dutch

European labels. And…how green is your label? What are the upcoming requirements? 
Retail plays a key role in the green and digital transition for companies and consumers. The increasing requirements for mandatory product information accessible via a digital label requires one barcode that fits all. 

Evelien deridder
Evelien Deridder | Sustainability Expert Packaging & Food Contact Materials

🎤 Dutch

Sustainable packaging @ Colruyt
What is Colruyt’s vision of sustainability and packaging? what are the challenges and projects? what role does packaging info play in the circular economy?

Anke Roeyen | Associate Director Strategic Projects, Sustainability

🎤 Dutch

Sustainable packaging @ Coca Cola
What is Coca Cola vision of sustainability and packaging? what are the challenges and projects? what role does packaging info play in the circular economy?

Raphael Ghaye | Retail Manager

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

🎤 French

Sharing packaging information with My Product Manager & GDSN. 
Why, what & how do you share packaging information via My Product Manager. What are the future perspective? How does that help you to comply with regulations?

Renaud Gryspeerdt | Co-founder & CEO

🎤 French

The Looping app: how does the data from My Product Manager improve sorting and repair?  
Facilitating Sorting and Repair is in the DNA of Looping. This Belgian app aims at becoming the “Shazam” of waste and is already receiving subsidies from the Regions to reach its goal. Thanks to data from My Product Manager and other technologies, Looping’s results are improving with each scan of your smartphone.

Dirk Le Roy
Dirk Le Roy | Founder & Managing Director