Belgilux Working Group Future of Data Exchange

The exchange of product information has become requisite. This information is crucial for distributors to manage efficiently their supply chain, feed their e-commerce platforms, to dispose of qualitative images for their websites, receive label information, a well as other information such as nutritional values.

Despite the harmonisation of the data exchange via the GS1 GDSN network and My Product Manager, we note that different departments from the distributors are still asking other information and that they are using other data sources (Excel, retail platforms, other data sources).

The objective of this working group is to better understand which information is asked by the distributors outside the GS1 GDSN network and My Product Manager. Thus, GS1 Belgilux will be able to execute a complete analysis to determine if a common solution for the market needs to be launched, or if new tools have to be provided for our members.

This working group will have as mission to clarify the role of GS1 Belgilux in this domain and to define the contribution of My Product Manager in the relationship between distributors and suppliers.

Contact persons: Raphaël Ghaye and Bo Pincket

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