Correct & complete product information in My Product Manager

Data quality is our key concern

Our strategy is to achieve a minimum 96% data quality score for all product sheets in My Product Manager to ensure that all information shared is accurate, complete and up-to-date.



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Two-step framework to guarantee data quality:

Is your product information complete?

The validation rules and related reports in My Product Manager verify if the data is complete and consistent.

Is your product data correct?

There are three ways to validate the accuracy of your product data.
Discover them below:
*currently only for prepacked food products


You can choose between 3 options:

Option 1

You outsource your data capture to experts

Unburden the capture of your data via a GS1 partner (Brandbank, Master Data Partners, World of Content, XXtract, etc.) or entrust this task to GS1 Belgilux with its new solution My Data Capture

My Data Capture converts your product's label information (*) into standardised GS1 product sheets for easy sharing with data recipients such as retailers, marketplaces, apps and consumers.

(*) for prepacked food products

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Option 2

You upload your data yourself and participate in the mandatory audit programme

The audit programme checks whether the data from the product sheet of pre-packaged food products corresponds to the data stated on the product packaging in My Product Manager.

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Option 3

You do it yourself and get a Self-Assessment

A check is made whether you have the resources and know-how to guarantee qualitative data.

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