The data quality reports from My Product Manager show that the missing of the confirmation if the allergen information has been given or the incorrectly filling in allergens are two of the most common and made mistakes. Allergen information needs to be available at any time, even if the product doesn’t contain any. All allergens that are mentioned on the label need to be filled in.

How can you see if your products contain this error? 

Verify in the data quality report, which you can find in My Product Manager at ‘My reports’, if there are products with the error: ‘If isTradeItemAConsumerUnit is true, and if GPC is Food/Beverage, then isAllergenRelevantDataProvided must equal true’ or other errors or warnings, related to allergens. 

Follow the below steps to fill in allergens in a correct manner. This way, the product sheets will be visible to data recipients, event after the re-run of all system controls.  

How do you fix an error or warning?

This depends on through which way you register or edit your product sheets in My Product Manager. 


    Web interface My Product Manager

     STEP 1

    Log in to the web interface of My Product Manager with your login credentials and go to ‘My Products’. 

    Landing page

    STEP 2

    Use the search function and enter the description, GTIN or brand of the product. To open the product sheet, click below ‘GTIN’ on the 14-figure GTIN of the product. 

    Next, click on ‘Edit data’ to edit the product sheet. 

    Edit data

    STEP 3

    Go to the tab ‘Ingredients’ or use the search function and enter ‘Allergens’. 

    Search fields

    STEP 4

    Tick the field ‘Is allergen relevant data provided?’ to give it the value ‘Yes’, even though your label doesn’t mention any allergens.


    STEP 5

    Tick all allergens that are mentioned on the label and select in the field ‘Level of containment’ if the product ‘contains’, ‘may contain’ or ‘is free of’ the selected allergens. 


    You can’t find an allergen mentioned on the label? Click ‘Add new’ to consult the entire list of codes of allergens. 

    STEP 6

    Click ‘Save’ or ‘Validate and Next’ to verify and validate the edit and the entire product sheet. Are there other errors and/or warnings? Then these need to be resolved as well. 

    Validate and next

    STEP 7

    Click ‘validate and release’. The updated product sheet is now available to data recipients. 

    Validate and release

    Verify after releasing the updated product sheet in the My Product Manager data quality report if the product sheet no longer mentions an error and/or warning. 

    Through another GS1 GDSN data pool or through a machine-to-machine connection

    STEP 1

    Log in to the user environment of your system and open the product sheet.

    To confirm that the allergen information is correct and that the mentioned allergens from the label are filled in, you can use the following GS1 GDSN attributes: 

    • ‘isAllergenRelevantDataProvided’ always needs to have the value ‘true’, even if the label doesn’t mention any allergen; 
    • ‘allergenTypeCode’ the code* for the allergen; 
    • ‘levelOfContainmentCode’ to indicate if the product ‘contains’, ‘may contain’ or is ‘free from’ the selected allergen. 
    Allergens GDSN

    *The list of codes of allergens can be found in the Benelux model, which you can download here on the GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg website. 

    STEP 2

    Make sure to save the edit and that the updated product sheet is available for data recipients by releasing or (re)publishing it to the data pool. 

    STEP 4

    Verify after releasing or (re)publishing the CIC messages of the data recipients and in the My Product Manager data quality report if the product sheet no longer mentions errors and/or warnings.  

    Is anything unclear or do you have questions or problems?

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