Verify, complete and improve your product information

Whether a customer buys your products in a store or online, it does not change the characteristics of the product. Therefore, the information that can be found online about your products must match the information on the physical product packaging. In other words, always make sure that your product information is completely up-to-date. This way, customers know what ingredients, nutrients or allergens are in your products, no matter where they buy them.

If you want to continue selling your products without any difficulty, check your products on errors now!

We are happy to help you with some tips and tricks.

DQ rerun

Where can you consult your data quality report with the result of the system controls in My Product Managers and verify if your product sheets contain errors or warnings?

  • Log in on ‘My Product Manager’ and go to ‘My reports’.
  • Click on the error or warning in ‘Your validation failures’.
  • All the product sheets with the selected error or mistake are shown.
  • By clicking on the GTIN in ‘Trade Item Overview’, you can open the product sheets.

A manual with more explanation on the functioning of the report can be found here.

Do you have no errors or warnings? 

Then you don’t have to anything for now. However, check your data quality report on My Product Manager on a regular basis.

Here you find the most common errors


Logistic information B2B

Dimensions and weights follow a logical approach in which underlying trading units in a hierarchy cannot be heavier and/or larger than the parent trading unit.



A product can consist of several packaging elements and needs to be entered correctly at every level in the trade unit hierarchy.



A product or product information must be available in My Product Manager from a certain time before the retailer can order the product.


Trade item hierarchy

A product has several levels within the hierarchy of the trade units, each of which has a different application.


Brick code GPC

Each product needs to be classified correctly following the Global Product Classification (GPC) standard. The temporary brick code 99999999 is an incorrect classification. 




The majority of food products need a list of ingredients in multiple official languages. These have to mention the ingredients correctly.



Mentioning whether or not a product contains allergens is crucial. If there are allergens, you have to correctly register them.


Nutritional values

The majority of food products need to have a nutrients or nutritional value table with the nutrients and their quantities per 100 grams or 100 millilitre.


Contact information

It’s legally required to have contact information on the label and are therefore required to be online available to the consumer as well.


Product description

A correct description of a product is necessary to consumers to search and compare online products. 


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weights give the consumer an indication what they buy, if it a small packaging, if it is appropriate for the entire family.


Taxes and excise duties

All products are taxed and excise duties may be levied in addition. This information isn’t relevant to the consumer, but it is for the tax payment.

Is anything unclear or do you have questions or problems?

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