Logistics label on pallets in the FMCG & Foodservice sector

Products and the pallet that enables them to be transported and stored throughout the chain form a unique combination: the logistics unit.  

Logistics labels are affixed to logistics units with their unique identification code: the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).  

That SSCC is in fact a globally unique pallet number. Among other things, it ensures that the different lots of a product can be kept apart in a warehouse based on their best before date.  

If the SSCC is included in the electronic delivery note, the receipt process can be accelerated enormously.

Logistieke eenheid met GS1 Logistiek Etiket

Logistic units

What is a logistics unit? 

What is an SSCC? 

Who assigns the SSCC? When and how does this happen? 

Logistics labels

What is a logistics label, what information does it contain and where do you affix it? 

How do you make a logistics label? 

Have your first label verified by GS1. 

Electronic delivery note

What is the link between the logistics label and the electronic delivery note? 

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