Generate compliant product images

Have you ever imagined buying a product without seeing it? Whether in a physical store or on an e-commerce site, actually seeing a product is essential to the sale. That's why a product image is not only necessary to convert the purchase but it must also be of good quality.  

Moreover, thanks to My Product Manager, you have the solution in your hands to easily exchange your standardised product images! 


But what product image do I need?


Are you active in the FMCG & Foodservice industry?

Then check the rules for this industry.  

Why upload a product image?

Reassurance about the product

The customer can see what the product they want to buy should look like. They can anticipate their purchase and enjoy an online experience that is as store-like as possible. 

Increases conversion

Buying a product without an image? Few customers take the plunge. Having a product image and a quality product image can significantly increase online sales. 

Control over the brand image

Providing product images ensures that you are in control of the images that circulate on your products. You can therefore be sure that the images that appear are the ones you want to share.

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