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My Product Manager is the platform for exchanging correct and up-to-date product data with trading partners worldwide.

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Does your company already have a My Product Manager subscription and do you wish to create a personal user account? Please contact the administrator of our extranet MyGS1 to create a user account or contact our FMCG & Foodservice helpdesk at fmcg-foodservice@gs1belu.org or our Healtcare helpdesk at healthcare@gs1belu.org

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You can use here the main GLN which identify your administrative office, or another dedicated GLN you want to use for exchanging data.
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How do you want to exchange product data in My Product Manager Share
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Are you interested in outsourcing the capture of your data to GS1?
Why do you need product information?
I buy of prepare products of which the product information is in My Product Manager
I am a solution provider and will only process the product information
Would you like an automatic connection with your internal system?
What type of company are you?
I sell products to professional customers
I sell products to private customers
I prepare products for private customers
Which type of solution do you develop?
I want to publish data to EUDAMED via My UDI Manager
E.g. BE-MF-000001234
I want to publish data to the FDA GUDID (additonal fee)
I accept the terms of supply