Transactional data exchange (Peppol) - Standardisation - Basic

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Exchange of cross-sector commercial document via Peppol

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The purpose of this course is to highlight what is the difference between sectoral and cross-sectoral electronic messages. The PEPPOL European framework was originally focused on the communication between different sectors in a cross-border environment towards governments. The initial B2G (business to government) focus has been widened towards B2B in the meantime. 

This course gives a first general overview of the European Norm EN16931/PEPPOL and is paving the way for future more detailed courses.

In this course, you will:

  • Analyse a paper invoice and how this will be mapped to an electronic and machine-readable version. 
  • Get a global idea of what is the PEPPOL framework and the network behind it.

Please note that the training will be given in English. 

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