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Who can receive product information?

Three user groups can be differentiated:

  • The retail that sell these products to consumers or the wholesalers that act as intermediaries between the manufacturers and these chain stores.
  • The caterers and F&B businesses that prepare the food products for consumers or the wholesalers (food service suppliers) that act as intermediaries between the manufacturers and the caterers and F&B businesses.
  • The solution providers that develop this software, for example:
    • B2B applications where caterers and F&B businesses manage their recipes.
    • B2C smartphone applications which enable specific consumer target groups to receive nutritional advice.
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How can product information be received?

You can consult the product information in My Product Manager in various ways.


Manually via the web interface + Excel download

  • Via de web interface
  • You can search which product information from which supplier is available for you and download it in an Excel format
  • You can consult the dproduct information's data quality report

Automatically via API in JSON format

  • Via the API protocol, you can request specific product information from your own internal system (e.g. PIM, PLM or ERP). 
  • You can search on: 
    • a product package on the basis of the GTIN 
    • all product information from a certain supplier based on the GLN 
    • all changed product information since a certain point in time 
    • ...

More info on the API protocol

Automatically via SFTP in XML format

  • Via the SFTP protocol you can download an XML file daily and import it into your own internal system (e.g. PIM, PLM or ERP). 
  • You have the choice between: 
    • a complete file: all product information of all products 
    • an incremental file: only the product information of the new and changed products 

More info on the SFTP protocol



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