Product information in My Product Manager & GS1 GDSN

All parties in the supply chain are able to exchange the same set of product data via our systems on the basis of a standardised product sheet. 

  • Suppliers can enter product information in My Product Manager.
  • Customers such as supermarkets, food service providers, caterers and players in the catering industry, as well as developers of software for recipe management or consumer apps for food, can receive product information via My Product Manager.

My Product Manager is also linked to the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). This allows more than 60,000 companies that globally use this network to exchange product information.

We also monitor the data quality: the content of the product sheet must be completely correct.

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Which product data?

What types of product information does My Product Manager contain?

Entering data via My Product Manager Share

How are product details entered into My Product Manager?

Receiving data via My Product Manager Share

How can you receive product sheets from My Product Manager?

GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)

What is GS1 GDSN?

What is the relationship between My Product Manager and GS1 GDSN?

Change request data model

How do you introduce a change request for the FMCG & Foodservice data model?

Quality of the product data

How does GS1 check if my product data is correct, complete and up to date?

How does the 2-step framework of the data quality programme work? 

Product images

Everything you need to know about mandatory pack shot photos for your product sheets.

Rates and subscription

How much does a My Product Manager subscription cost?

How do I access the Platform?


All documentation on the datamodel of standardised product data sheets and systems for managing product information in one place.

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