Order and manage GTINs

How do you order GTINs or barcodes?

It is always the brand owner of the product who assigns the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), the number that uniquely identifies the packaging of the product worldwide.  For national labels this is therefore the producer, for private labels, for example, the supermarket chain. 

To be able to assign GTINs, you must become a member of GS1. You will then receive a company prefix with which you can create unique product codes (GTINs).  

The number of product packages that you can uniquely identify (also known as your numbering capacity) depends on the length of the business prefix you choose. So, when making your choice, consider not only the number of packages in your current range, but also any expansion in the future. 

Become a member of GS1

How do you manage GTINs and how do you encode them in a barcode?

As a member you can manage your GTINs in 2 ways: 

Companies with a limited number of products

By using our tool My Product Manager.  The tool automatically creates GTINs within your numbering capacity and generates the correct barcode based on the packaging type you have selected. You can download the barcode as an image and send it to the designer or printer of your packaging or print it on a label yourself, and affix it to the packaging. 

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Companies with many products

Generate a new GTIN yourself when creating a new product file in your own ERP or PIM system. 
You have your own software to encode the GTIN in the correct barcode standard

Everything about barcode types 

Are you looking for software or hardware to generate and/or print barcodes? Find a solution provider who can help you with that! 

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