Exchanging product data in the DIY, Garden & Pet sector

You’ve been asked to use the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) to exchange product data. 

GS1 GDSN provides companies with specific sectoral data model structure and exchange product data in a standardised format. Its use improves the quality and completeness of identification, marketing, logistical, financial and regulatory data. It ensures the accessibility of product information for all partners, right up to the end consumer.

My Product Manager from GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg enables you to manage your product information and exchange it in a standardised way to customers, all over the world via GS1 GDSN.

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Upload product data with My Product Manager/GS1 GDSN

How can I upload data to My Product Manager? 

Download product data with My Product Manager/GS1 GDSN

How can I recover product data in My Product Manager ? 

Data model update

Find out the latest news on the DIY, Garden and Pet data model. 

Change requests

The data model no longer meets my needs. How can I request updates? 

Explanation of a number of components of the DIY, Garden & Pet datamodel


Global Product Classification (GPC)

GPC allows suppliers and customers to group together and classify products in a standardised and unambiguous manner.  


Product images and other digital assets

Product images are an essential part of the product sheets, but also things like instruction videos, manuals and much more can be exchanged via GS1 GDSN.

Product afmeeting

Measure a product

Measurement rules are intended to facilitate a logical and replicable process for determining the packaging dimensions for a particular item.

gevaarlijke stoffen

Hazardous substances

The information around hazardous substances, SDS and DOP can also be exchanged via GS1 GDSN. This can be done both in the fields of the datamodel, and by sending the documents themselves.

merk en productomschrijving

Filling the brand and description of a product

In the GS1 data model Do-It-Yourself, Garden & Pet, there is a standard format for each text field and instructions for entering the correct data in My Product Manager.


Packaging information

Recycling raw materials is also high on the agenda in the DIY, garden & pet sector. That is why it is possible to share data on packaging through My Product Manager.