Exchange your product data in real time

Are your products identified? Great! Now they need a product record. Perhaps you have already received a request from one of your retailers because they need additional and comprehensive information about your products, such as logistical data and/or label information. 

Thanks to My Product Manager, you have the solution in your hands to easily create your standardised product records! 


My Product Manager, the platform for the exchange of your product data!


How does My Product Manager work?

Why choose My Product Manager?

one to many


Share your product data simultaneously and in real time with all your business partners. 


Centralise your content

Avoid human error by using a single tool to manage your product information.

rapid to market

Speed to market!

Get your products to market faster and share them directly with your business partners.  


Connected to GDSN

By streamlining your data via a standardised GS1 GDSN network, your data can be received by all your business partners.

Data quality

Real-time data quality

Ensure that your data is of high quality with our monitoring reports. 


A photo?

Selling online without photos is unthinkable! Upload them directly to My Product Manager to boost your conversions. 

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A training course?

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Need help with product data exchange?

Check out our solution provider finder to find a partner who can help you implement GS1 standards.


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