Correct, complete and up-to-date product information in My Product Manager

Supermarkets, food service companies and consumers want to have access to the correct product information. Whether a consumer buys your products in a shop or online, the characteristics of the product remain the same. Therefore, the information that can be found online about your products must match the information on the packaging of the physical product. Having the correct product information in My Product Manager and ensuring that is always current and correct is what data quality is all about. 

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At GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, we focus on data quality in the following ways:

Validation rules in My Product Manager

When creating or modifying a product sheet, My Product Manager checks its completeness and consistency based on validation rules.

Audit programme

For pre-packaged food products, the audit programme checks whether the data from the product sheet in My Product Manager corresponds to the data stated on the product packaging. This is done on the basis of product photos or artwork.