Brick code of the Global Product Classification (GPC)

The data quality reports of My Product Manager have shown that attributing a temporary GPC brick code 99999999 or the lacking of the GPC brick code are two of the most common errors. A product needs to be assigned to a valid product category following the GS1 standards. 

How can you see if your products contain this error? 

Check in the data quality report, which you can find in My Product Manager at “My Reports”, if there are products with the error or warning: ‘Temporary gpcCode: The number you have used (99999999) is not a correct classification code and can only be used for a limited time. Please use an appropriate GPC brick code’ or other errors or warnings related to the GPC code.

Follow the below steps to assign a GPC brick code correctly. This way, your product sheets will be visible to data recipients, even after the rerun.

How do you fix an error or warning?

This depends on the way you register or adapt your product sheets.


    Web interface My Product Manager

     STEP 1

    Log in to the web interface of My Product Manager with your login credentials and go to ‘My Products’. 

    Landing page

    STEP 2

    Use the search function and enter the description, GTIN or brand of the product. To open the product sheet, click below ‘GTIN’ on the 14-figure GTIN of the product. 

    Next, click on ‘Edit data’ to edit the product sheet. 

    Edit data

    STEP 3

    Go to the tab ‘Product data’ or use the search function and enter ‘Product classification code’. 

    Search field

    STEP 4

    Follow the instructions shown in the pop-up screen or use the search function and enter the search term that classifies the products. Click on the GPC code that correctly classifies the product.
    Next, click on ‘Save’, the pop-up screen closes and the selected GPC code is now filled in the field

    Select GPC-code
    Select GPC code

    STEP 5

    Click on ‘Select GPC’. A pop-up screen opens. 

    Select GPC-code

    STEP 6

    Click on ‘Save’ or ‘Validate & next’ to verify and validate the change and the entire product sheet. Are there other errors and/or warnings? Then resolve these as well. 

    Validate and next

    STEP 7

    Click on ‘Validate and release’, the updated product sheet is now available for data recipients. 

    Validate and release

    STEP 8

    Verify after the release of the updated product sheet in the My Product Manager data quality report if the product sheet no longer shows an error and/or a warning. 

    Through another GS1 GDSN data pool or through a machine-to-machine connection

    STEP 1

    Log in to the user environment of your system and open the product sheet.

    Go tot he GPC browser of GS1 Global. To consult the GPC browser, select the value ‘Dutch’ for ‘language’ and the value that contains ‘(GS1 GDSN product version)’ for ‘publication’. Use the search function of the GPC browser and enter the search term that describes the product, click on ‘search’ to receive the search results for the search term. Select the GPC code that classifies the product the best. 

    GPC browser

    STEP 2

    Fill in the GPC code in the field that is linked to the GS1 GDSN attribute ‘gpcCategoryCode’. 


    STEP 3

    Save the changes and put the updated product sheet at disposal of the data recipients by releasing or republishing it to the data pool. 

    STEP 4

    After release or republishing, check the CIC messages and the My Product Manager data quality report if the product sheets shows any more errors and/or warnings. 

    Is anything unclear or do you have questions or problems?

    Contact the sector helpdesk

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