Barcode with GTIN on products

The Global Trade Item Number or GTIN (formerly EAN code) is the identification code to uniquely identify the packaging of products worldwide

The GTIN is usually encoded in a barcode. This allows it to be scanned and recognised by POS or warehouse management software. There are various barcode standards. Their use depends on the product and packaging type. The most commonly used barcodes in the FMCG & Foodservice sectors are the EAN-13 barcode for packaging that passes a POS and the ITF-14 barcode for outer packaging that is only scanned in a warehouse.

cosmeticaproduct met EAN-13 barcode
Products with an EAN-13 barcode

Order and manage GTINs & barcodes

How to order GTINs or barcodes as a brand owner of the product? 

How to encode the GTIN in a barcode? 

How to manage your GTINs?

Which barcode goes on which packaging?

There are various GTIN and barcode standards. 

Which barcode do you use for which packaging?

New GTIN if the product changes?

What should you do if certain product characteristics change?  

Can the GTIN be retained or must a new one be assigned? 

Register GTIN in My Product Manager

As the brand owner of the product, you must register the GTIN and 6 product characteristics that form the identity card of the product with GS1.

Look up GTIN in Verified by GS1

Based on the GTIN, look up the identity card and the brand owner of the product. 

Barcode conformity verification

Avoid expenses within the supply chain; have the scannability of the barcode verified free of charge before the product is put on the market.

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